Instruction to patients after tooth extractions.

Your gums, and possibly your cheek and lip, may feel numb for several hours after the injection of local anaesthetic. During this period of
numbness, avoid biting your lip or taking hot drinks as you may injure your lip without being aware of doing so.
After a tooth has been extracted, the socket will usually bleed for a short time. This bleeding stops because of the formation of a healthy clot of blood in the tooth socket. These clots are easily disturbed, and if this happens, more bleeding will occur. To avoid disturbance of the clot, please
follow these following instructions.

After leaving the Dental Clinic DO NOT RINSE OUR YOUR MOUTH FOR 48 HOURS, unless you have been advised otherwise by the dentist.
 Do not disturb the clot in the socket with your tongue or your fingers.
 For the rest of the day take only food with requires no chewing.
 Do not chew on the affected side for at least three days.
 Do not take alcoholic drinks or very hot drinks for the rest of the day.
 Do not lie down flat, have at least two pillows supporting your head.
 After a minimum of 48 hours since you had the extraction, you need to start rinsing out your mouth with warm salty water after every meal and throughout the day, this will keep the socket clean and promote healing.

If the tooth socket continues to bleed after you have left the Dental Clinic do not be alarmed as much of the liquid which appears to be blood is, in fact – saliva (water of the mouth).   Make a small pad from a clean handkerchief or gauze, place over the socket and close the teeth firmly on it. Keep up the pressure for 15-30 minutes. If the bleeding still does not stop return to the Dental Clinic or phone the Dental Clinic and speak to a member of our staff. If after hours seek advice at your local hospital.

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